Nikki Holland Photography

Preparation is absolutely key.

I can liaise closely with clients ahead of the shoot to establish specific goals. Some clients have very specific ideas but others are happy to be guided and advised by me.

I almost always shoot in more than one location. Certainly including the client’s home because it adds connection and texture and most usually a nearby park or location which resonates with the family.

I like to advise and help with clothing both for boys and girls but rarely with dads. I intend my work to be cherished and to endure as fashions and tastes change.

I encourage clients to have in mind where in their home they might like to place their work. I take photographs of this wall space and calibrating it with specialized software, I can demonstrate how a piece will look sized and framed according to your preferences. This is an invaluable service, greatly appreciated by my clients. It reduces uncertainty and allows clients to achieve exactly what they want in both selecting images and how they are presented.

The viewing takes place in my home in a dedicated viewing room. I will display a full range of your edited images with some of my own preferred suggestions for montages or signature pieces. It is a fun and informal affair but so that we can conclude matters, it lasts anything up to two hours.

I have a comprehensive range of finishes and frame mouldings for clients to choose from and I am on hand with advice and guidance. I use highly professional printers and framers in-line with my own high standards to ensure complete client satisfaction.

On the evening of the viewing, full payment is required and only delivery remains outstanding.